–– FAQs ––

I want to book a party for tomorrow, why won’t the website let me?

We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to book a party package. This allows us to prepare to make your party an unforgettable experience!

Can I bring a cake and presents to have a party in your food or bowling areas?

The City Forum does not allow cake or presents in the facility without the purchase of a Birthday Party package. If you would like to celebrate at our facility, click here to book a party with us!

Can I bring ice cream or balloons?

Unfortunately, ice cream, ice cream cakes, balloons, piñatas, confetti and loose glitter are not allowed into The City Forum. You are welcome to bring other decorations such as banners or tablecloths if you would like. 

Are plates, cups, napkins, and utensils provided?

Yes! Our Birthday Party packages include tableware for your guests. If desired, you are welcome to bring themed tableware.

Can I walk in for a last-minute party?

The City Forum does not allow pop-up parties. We work hard to make sure your party is one-of-a-kind and last minute walk-ins do not allow us to serve you to our full potential.

I booked a party with Go Karts

If you booked a party with Go Karts, all birthday participants will need to be a minimum of 36” tall but preferably 52” tall. Closed-foot shoes must be worn and each participant must fill out an online registration and waiver. You can do that by clicking here --> Fill out online registration

Outside food or drinks

The City Forum has a strict no outside food or drink policy. The only exception to this policy is when a Birthday Party package is purchased. Parties are allowed to bring in a birthday cake but all other outside food or drinks are prohibited.

When do I pay for my party?

To reserve your party's date and time, a $150 deposit is required at the end of the reservation process. The remaining balance is due on the day of the birthday party.

What will the Party Day look like?

On the day of your party, you will arrive and your Party Host will be waiting for you in the lobby. If you have party favors, those will be stored for your guests to pick up when they leave our facility. The Party Host will escort you back to your party room for the hour in the party room. During your hour in the party room, guests will enjoy food and drink, cake, and presents. After your hour, one of our team members will assist you in taking all of your items out of the party room and out to your vehicle. For All-Star and Pro party packages, your Party Host will escort you through your selected attractions and end the party in the arcade where the participants will receive their $10 arcade Player Card. If you brought them, don't let your guests leave without picking up their party favors!

What exactly does a Party Host do?

Your Party Host is there to make the birthday child feel extra-special and to serve the party. The Party Host will interact with the children, serve the food, drinks, and cake, and escort you to your scheduled attractions. We are here to make your party experience unforgettable and eliminate typical birthday frustrations so that you can enjoy the party and create lifelong memories!

Get Your Game On! ––

Load and reload your player card so you can ball out and re-ball out on all of your favorite attractions!

Player Card

Get Your Game On! ––

Load and reload your player card so you can ball out and re-ball out on all of your favorite attractions!