–– Our Karts ––

Lightning + Thundervolt Operating System ––

Indoor electric kart race track


  • Family – Feels like 10-15 mph
  • Intermediate – Feels like 20-25 mph
  • Pro – Feels like 30-35 mph

Audio System

On-board sound system that promotes the kart’s sponsor, complete with race rules and instructions

LED Lighting

LED down lighting, headlights, taillights, and decorative lighting

Drive Safely


Be Respectful


Have Fun

Absolutely no bumping or reckless driving. You must wear closed-foot shoes with a closed and secured heel that does not exceed two inches. long hair must be put in a ponytail. Keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times to stay in control.

The City Forum Indoor Karts

–– The Track ––

The City Forum track is around 30,000 square feet! You win with the fastest lap so make sure you time your turbos right and make sure you cut down your drifting for the best lap time!

Electric Gokarts near Nashville
High Speed Family Gokart Raceway

–– Double Karts ––

Thundervolt Stockart +1 ––

Features for this 2-seater include:

  • Capable of Family and Intermediate speed settings
  • Adjustable seat and over-the-shoulder seat belts for driver and passenger
  • Easier steering than the Lightning single-rider kart
  • LED headlights and underbody lights

2-Seater REQUIREMENTS: Passengers must be 36” to 55” tall to ride. To drive with a passenger, the driver must be 18 years or older. Employees cannot drive customers. Passengers are only allowed on Family speed.

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