Dark Ride Virtual Reality

A thrill ride for the senses

Enter Clarksville’s first 7D attraction, the XD Dark Ride! Experience shoot em’ up, action-packed movie adventures with up to 8 of your family and friends! Dark Ride’s scoring system allows riders to play against each other in this competitive, multi-sensory gaming experience. We have multiple interactive adventures the whole family can enjoy!

Dark Ride Virtual Reality
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Carnival Virtual Reality Ride


SUGGESTED AGE: 16 and older

A disturbed clown out for revenge traps you in his sinister nightmare! Giant heads and creepy automatons are just a few of the weird creations manifested from the clown’s mind!

Virtual Reality Ride

Los Banditos

SUGGESTED AGE: For all ages

Head on a wild pursuit in the great American West by wagon, train and river raft! Stop the mad scientist, Balthazar Salazar, in his tracks and defeat his army of robot cowboys!

Pirates Virtual Reality Ride


SUGGESTED AGE: For all ages

Help Bluejacket Jack fend off pirates and recover a lost treasure! He’s young, but this feisty deckhand knows how to fight! Follow Jack if you want to succeed… and survive!

Pirates Virtual Reality Ride


SUGGESTED AGE: 16 and older

What begins as a quiet night on police patrol turns into a fright-filled evening as zombies emerge from the dark corners of this sleepy town and terrorize all those in sight!

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